Services are carried out according to manufacturer specifications.

A range of thorough services and checks ensure that your Mitsubishi is in the best possible condition.


Bosman Auto Body and Mechanical Repairs services Mitsubishi cars according to manufacturer specifications. BigboysAUTO is able to offer a range of thorough services and checks to ensure that your Mitsubishi is in the best possible condition. Basic services include the following:

Service and Inspection

Thorough inspection to ensure that all filters are in good condition, replacement of any filters that may need to be replaced, oil change, coolant fluid checks and other basic checks. You will be advised if your Mitsubishi requires further repairs.


All engine lights and warning lights are checked to ensure that everything is in a good working order, and if not, the exact problem will be diagnosed.

Gearbox and Clutch

If your clutch is sticking, or you have to push down further than normal, then the clutch might be worn. Before you get stuck somewhere have it rather checked and repaired.


Your Mitsubishi service will check that your brake pads, brake fluid and other brake components are in proper working order - worn brake pads can have fatal repercussions, especially on South Africa's busy roads.


If your Mitsubishi is losing oil or water, or you have any type of engine trouble, then our car service centre will be able to diagnose and replace fluids as well as conduct a full engine check.